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"Death to False Metal!"

"My work for MANOWAR has given me some of the largest challenges I've ever tackled and I've loved every minute of it, painting their covers for over a decade, something that just isn't done in the music industry anymore.  Loyalty like that is a sadly fading relic these days." - Ken Kelly, excerpt from his book "ESCAPE".

MANOWAR; the undisputed Kings of Metal.  Need we say more? 

Since the 1987 album, "Fighting the World", Ken Kelly has been depicting the warrior spirit of MANOWAR in art, wielding his paint brush for brothers of metal everywhere!

"From the very moment we met, an adventure began that continues today.  It is one of total artistic communication on a level few can comprehend and the only way to describe it is to witness the outcome, namely the immortal MANOWAR art." - Joey DeMaio in an excerpt from Ken's art book, "Escape".


On the web:  http://www.manowar.com


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