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The original concept for Destroyer!


The cover art for Destroyer was painted by fantasy artist Ken Kelly. Prior to the album's release Kelly's work was brought to the attention of Gene Simmons, who met with Kelly to discuss ideas forDestroyer. Kelly agreed but asked to see Kiss perform live first to gain inspiration. He was invited to a show and given a backstage pass. He later said of the performance, "It blew me away."[17] Kelly was later commissioned by the band to draw the cover for 1977's Love Gun. 

Kelly's original version of the album cover was rejected by the record company because they felt the scene was too violent looking with the rubble and flames. Also, the original version had the members of KISS wearing the Alive Costumes. 

The front cover shows the group striding on top of a pile of rubble, and a desolate background spotted with destroyed buildings, some of which are engulfed in flames. The back cover shows a similar scene, but with more buildings on fire. The front of the LP-liner features a large Kiss logo and the lyrics to "Detroit Rock City." The other side displays the lyric "SHOUT IT OUT LOUD", as well as an advertisement for the Kiss Army fan club. - (
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