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In 1975 Kiss was riding high on the success of their first live album "Alive". They were about to enter the studios with world renown producer Bob Ezrin to record what would be their most celebrated album ever called "Destroyer". Ken Kelly, famous for his fantasy artwork, was acquired to create the image for the Destroyer album cover. The Destroyer album cover would end up being as striking as the music inside and has since become one of the greatest album covers in hard rock/heavy metal history. Ken Kelly's masterpiece has helped to burn the image of Kiss into the mind of the world!


Painter of Micronaut Art Ken Kelly really needs no introduction. His amazing body of work speaks for itself, most notably as a fantasy art painter who's work has graced album covers, magazine covers and even toy packaging. If you are not familiar with his work...you may have never listened to the KISS Destroyer album, picked up an Eerie or Creepy magazine...never bought a He-Man toy? With over 30 years in the business, Ken Kelly is still going strong today. But back in 1978 when his career mostly consisted of hanging with barbarians and rock stars, a big toy company came knocking to commission some work for a new line of 3 3/4" figures they were selling. The company was MEGO, and the toy line was The Micronauts. Toy packaging would never be the same...At the time of the interview, I actually caught Ken Kelly in the middle of working on a painting. He likes to work and talk at the same time, so we began discussing the work at hand and how he is usually juggling more than one thing at a time…CONTINUE HERE

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