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The next best thing to an original painting, and visually stunning!  Virtually all of Ken's paintings are offered in this category, so please visit the main Gallery to make your selection.

This product is the latest state of the art reproduction of original artworks available to date.  These reproductions are simply beautiful!   Each print is carefully protectively sprayed, then final varnished, then mounted on wood stretchers and shipped ready for framing!

All Giclees are $275.00 + Shipping.  
Giclée (from the French verb gicler meaning "to squirt, to spray") is the use of the ink-jet process for making Fine-Art prints (first done in the early 1990's). Originally the term applied to "Iris" prints created on the Scitex Corp. "Iris Model Four" colour drum piezo-head inkjet proofer.
Proofers are specialized commercial printing machines designed to proof or show what the final multi-color process printing will look like before mass production begins.
The term "giclée" (or the anglicized "giclee") is frequently used to describe any high-resolution, large-format ink-jet printer output with fade-resistant dye or pigment based inks. It is common for these printers to use between seven and twelve colour inks.
Though originally intended for proofing, many artists and photographers use ink-jet printers as an alternative to lithography for limited editions or reproductions.

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