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Four Year Strong
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 OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.itmustreallysucktobefouryearstrongrightnow.com/

Musical Style

"The band's sound can be described as a blend of Pop punk, Hardcore, and power pop, with subtle hints of metalcore. The band simply developed their sound off the idea of playing 'exactly what they want to hear' or music that they would listen to, but no one else was playing at the time.[6] The band has cited their influences as being Lifetime, Saves the Day, Gorilla Biscuits, Blink-182, and New Found Glory to name a few. Though the band would primarily start out as a post-hardcore and emo outfit, the release of their demo in 2004 would mark a shift from post-hardcore to more synthesizer-heavy tracks, where the band would began to embrace the styles of power pop and general hardcore. Prior to the release of and at times within Rise or Die Trying, the band also incorporates more facets of modern hardcore, such as double bass drums, breakdowns, and screaming vocals." - FROM WIKIPEDIA.ORG: